Basket Funeral
Casket Spray Double Ended
Cross with Spray
Cushion Loose
Heart Based
Open Heart Contemporary
Mum Tribute
Nan Letters
Pillow Based
Pillow Loose
Posy Based
Posy Loose
Single Ended Funeral Spray
Tied Sheaf 6 Roses
Tied Sheaf 3 Roses
Wreath Based with Spray
Wreath Mixed
Wreath Pastel
Luxury British Chocolates
True Love
The Wenlock
The Burnell
The Ludlow
The Darby
The Wollerton
The Attingham
Florist's Choice
Monkey Mask Monstera
Trailing Philodendron
Spider Plant
Cactus Trio
Peace Lilly or Spathiphyllum
Potted succulent
Sleepy Fox Windchime
Bouncing Bee
Boston Fern
String of Pearls
Money Tree
Coffee Plant
Mini Beach
Hedera Tipi
Fatsia Japonica
The Vintage
Eternal Rose
The Hedgerow
Coffee Lovers Hamper
Rustic Dinner Candles
Two Tier Bird Feeder Antique Green
Rusty Crown Mini
Mini Birdcage Tea light Holder
Birdcage Tea Light Holder
Antique Style Dutch Plant Pots
Tourmaline Moroccan cut out Lantern
Large Zinc Flower Pot
Provence Planter Large
Ceramic Urn verde
Maroc Wall Planter
Hanging Metal Plant Cage Antique Green
Garden Light with Glass Tube
Umbrella Plant Schefflera
Round Maroc Birdcage
Baby Calathea
The Moulin Rouge
New Zealand Flax or Phormium Cookianum Hookeri Tricolor
Carnivorous Pitcher Plant or Sarracenia Purpurea
Large Venus Fly Trap or Dionaea Muscipula
Bunny Ear Cactus or Opuntia Microdasys
Eves Needle Cactus or Austrocylindropuntia Subulata
Jar of wishes!
Bambino Mini House Plants
Elephant Ear Plant or Alocasia Lauterbachiana
Rubber Plant or Ficus Elastica
Cordyline Australis Red Star
Climbing Glory Lily or Gloriosa superba ‘Rothschildiana’
Cypress Tree
Bamboo Fargesia Rufa
Climbing Hydrangea
Ceropegia Woodii
Monstera Deliciosa
Cactus Compost 5L
Green House Plant liquid feed 500ml
Orchid Potting Soil 7L
Small Venus Fly Trap
Nepenthes Monkey Cup or Monkey Cup Pitcher plant
Polka Dot Plant